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Patent Still

Column still / Continuous still/ Patent still/ Coffey still A column still, also called a continuous still, patent still or Coffey still, is a variety of still consisting of two columns. The first column (called the analyzer) in a column still has steam rising and wash descending through several levels. The second column (called the …

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Spirit Glossary

Absinthe – bitter high proof wormwood flavoured spirit Advocaat – eggnog flavoured Dutch liqueurAguardiente – Spanish type of Marc.Apfelschnapps- German brandy made from apples Applejack – U.S. brandy distilled from apple cider.Aquavit (Akvavit) – Scandinavian distilled distilled spirit flavoured with caraway Aqua vitae -ancient name for distilled spirit, meaning “water of life”.Aran/Attack – Strong spirit …

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