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Research Concept Simplified: Data & Variables

Have you found yourself confused about the concept of variables that are mentioned in context to research? Well, this article simplifies the concept for you. Now let’s look at the basic concepts starting from the meaning of data.

What is data?

Data is any information that is relevant to the research study. There are lot of information that is available in this world. However, the information that a researcher might pick up for review is known as data.

How is data classified?

There are broadly two ways of classifying the data:

  1. Type of data
  2. Measurement levels

What are variables?

The data which can assume different value over a period of time is called a variable. For example: If we are monitoring the body weight of a person for a period of six months, the weight is the variable that we are studying about.

Here is a video detailing on the concept:

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