Overview of the research tools – Advantages and Disadvantages

Mind Map of various research tools

The research tools are the once used for gathering primary data for any research. Here is a summary of the tools of research exhibited in the mind map. For the hospitality research project you can choose any of the tools for collection of primary data based on the type of research you might be doing. Each tools have advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of each tool might become the limitation of the study as well.

In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various research tools.

Observation Method

Advantages of observation methodDisadvantages of observation method
Subjective bias is eliminated if the observation is done accurately.It is expensive method
Data obtained is currentLimited information can only be obtained
Data obtained is simple in natureUnforeseen circumstances can impede the observation.
It is independent of the willingness of the respondents to respond.
Useful in case of respondents who are not able to give verbal reports of their feelings for one reason or another.

Interview Method

Advantages of interview methodDisadvantages of interview method
More in depth information can be obtainedIt is an expensive method
There is flexibility under this methodPossibility of bias is high
Observation method can also be appliedCertain category of respondents may not be accessible
Personal information can be obtained easily Time consuming method
More control on the sample, the instance of no response shall be lessSelecting, training and supervising the field staff is cumbersome.
Can get spontaneous response
The language of the question can be adopted according to the education level of the respondents
The interviewer can collect supplementary information, which can enhance the interpretation.
Advantages of telephonic interview methodDisadvantages of telephonic interview method
It’s more flexible than mailing methodLess time for the respondents to respond
Faster than other methodsRestricted to people who have a telephone
It is cheaper than personnel interviewCost of long distance calls may be a deterrent
Recall is easyNot suitable for intensive study
High response rate compared to mailing methodPossibility of bias is more.
Minimum embarrassment to the respondents.Questions have to be short and to the point.
Interviewer can explain requirements more easily.
No field staff required
Representative and wider distribution of sample is possible.

Questionnaire Method

Advantages of questionnaire methodDisadvantages of questionnaire method
The cost is lowLow rate of return of the duly filled in questionnaire; bias due to no response is often indeterminate.
Free from bias from the bias of the interviewerCan be used only with cooperative and educated respondents.
Respondents have adequate time to give well thought out answersControl over the questionnaire may be lost once it is sent.
More categories of respondents can be reachedChances of ambiguous responses
Large samples can be made use of and thus the results can be made more dependable and reliable.It is the slowest of all methods.

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