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Sugar cookery

Sugar Cooking Stages

While making various confectionaries the degree to with the sugar is heated has a significant role. For different types of confectionary product, a different level of heating is paramount.

Temperature (Celsius)Name/ StageUsage
106-112 Thread Sugar Syrups, used for pouring over desserts such as gulab jamun
112-115Soft BallCaramels, fudge, Pralines, fondant, butter creams, Italian Meringue
116-120Firm BallCaramels, butter creams, nougat, marshmallows, Italian meringues, gummies, and toffees.
122-130Hard Ballcaramels, nougat, divinity and toffees.
132-143Soft crackbutterscotch, firm nougat, and taffy.
146-155Hard crackbrittles, toffees, lollipops, glazed fruit, hard candy, pulled poured and spun sugar.
160-182Caramelpralines, brittles, caramel-coated molds, and nougatine.

How the stages gets the name?

Depending on the level of heat to which the sugar is boiled to the characteristics of the sugar changes. The stages of sugar is named after these qualities that the sugar develops due to the heat treatment.

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