Bitters are used either as aperitifs or for flavouring mixed drinks and cocktails. A bitter is traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavoured with botanical matters such that the end result is characterized by a bitter or a bitter sweet flavour .Numerous longstanding brands of bitters were originally developed as patent medicines, but now sold as digestifs and cocktail flavourings .the most popular varieties are listed below.

1)Amer picon
         A very black and bitter French aperitif . grenadine or cassis is often added to make the flavour more acceptable . traditionalists add water in a proportion 2:1

2)Angostura bitters
         Takes its name from a town in Bolivia.however it is no longer produced there but in Trinidad. Brownish red in is used in the preparation of pink gin and the occasional cocktail and may be regarded as mainly a flavouring agent

3)Byrrh (pronounced as beer)
             This is a style of bitters made in france near the Spanish has a base of red wine and is flavoured with quinine and herbs and fortified with brandy

                        A pink bittersweet Italian aperitif that has a slight flavour of orange peel and quinine. Serve in an18.93 cl.(6 ½ fl oz.) Paris goblet or High ball glass .Use one measure on ice and garnish with a slice of lemon. Top up according to the customer’s requirements with soda or water (iced).

4)Fernet branca
The  Italian version of Amer Picon .Best served diluted with water or soda good for hangovers

5)Under berg
                        A German butter that looks like ,and almost tastes like, may be taken as a pick-me-up with soda

6)Orange bitters
 Orange bitters is a cocktail flavoring made from the peels of Seville oranges, cardamon, caraway seed, coriander and burnt sugar in an alcohol base. Orange bitters, which are not to be confused with standard Angostura bitters, are currently enjoying a resurgence among cocktail enthusiasts. For many years, it was difficult to find orange bitters in the United States and elsewhere. Because of this, some cocktail recipes which traditionally contained orange bitters may now exclude that ingredient. Fee Brothers of New York has been producing orange bitters for many years, but distribution was limited. Mixologist Gary Regan created an orange bitters in the 1990s to fulfill his needs for a “decent bottling of orange bitters”. There are now a number of different brands on the market

7)Peach bitters

8)Amora Montenegro




 Submitted by Abhijith Sunny
IV Semester BHM

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