Spirit Glossary

Absinthe – bitter high proof wormwood flavoured spirit
Advocaat – eggnog flavoured Dutch liqueur
Aguardiente – Spanish type of Marc.
Apfelschnapps- German brandy made from apples
Applejack – U.S. brandy distilled from apple cider.
Aquavit (Akvavit) – Scandinavian distilled distilled spirit flavoured with caraway
Aqua vitae -ancient name for distilled spirit, meaning “water of life”.
Aran/Attack – Strong spirit made from fermented juices of palm leaves or other products. Also called Rack , Raki
Bagaceira – Portuguese Marc.
Bourbon – Whisky made with at least 51% corn and other grains.
Brandy – Distilled spirit made with wine or other fermented fruit juices.
Call brand – Brand of liquor named by the customer while ordering
Calvados – Apple brandy made in France
Cherry Brandy – Cherry flavoured liqueur with brandy base.
Cognac – Brandy made exclusively in the cognac region of France.
Congeners – products present in very small amounts in fermented and distilled beverages, that provide a unique flavour and aroma.
Distillation – use of heat to separate the alcohol vapours from a fermented product, which are then condensed to produce a distilled alcohol or spirit.
Distilled spirit – fermented beverage that has been heated to evaporate its alcohol which is then collected as a distilled spirit. It is also called liquor.
Distiller’s beer – Fermented grain mixture from which whiskey or some other spirit is to be distilled.
Dry Gin – British style of gin.
Dutch Gin – Gin distilled with a heavy genever berry flavor. Aka- Geneva, Genever, Hollands and Schiedam
Eau de vie – French transilation of aqua vitae
Fine Champagne – French cognac made from grapes 50% of which is from Grand Champagne and 50% from Petit Champagne districts.
FIFO – A method of issuing and costing requisition that ensure that the bottles received first are issued first to the bar. First in First out.
Framboise – Brandy distilled from raspberries
Geneva, Genever Dutch Gin
Gin – Distilled spirit flavoured with juniper berry or other flavourings.
Grande Champagne/ Grand Fine Champagne – On a French cognac label, indicates brandy distilled from grapes grown in the Grande Champagne Area of the Cognac region.
Grand Marnier – Orange flavoured liqueur with a Cognac base.
Grappa– A type of brandy made in Italy from the residue of grapes after the juice is drawn off to make wine. Similar to Marc
Hollands – see Dutch Gin
Irish whiskey – whiskey made in Ireland, that has been triple distilled.
Juniper – Flavouring used in Gin.
Kitsch, Kirschwasser – Colourless cherry flavoured brandy made in some western European countries.
Light whiskey – U.S. whiskey distilled at higher proof, therefore lighter in flavour and body, though not in alcohol.
Liqueur– A flavoured and sweetened distilled spirit. Aka. Cordial
Liquor– see Distilled Spirit
Malt scotch – Unblended scotch whiskey made in the Highlands of Scotland entirely from malted barley. Aka. Malt Whisky
Marc – French Brandy distilled from the grape stalks, pips, and skins left after the juice has been pressed out.
Mezcal – Mexican distilled spirit; a type of tequila.
Mirabelle – Brandy with a plum base, made in some Central European Countries.
Molasses – Residue left after sugar has been made from cane. Used for distilling rum.
Neutral Spirit – Spirit distilled at 190 US proof (95% abv) or higher.
Pear Brandy – Brandy distilled from pears. Also known as Pear William, or Poire William.
Peter Heering – Cherry Flavoured liqueur with brandy base.
Petite Champagne – Type of cognac with atleast 50% grapes from the Grande Champagne district of France’s cognac region.
Pisco– Type of brandy made in Peru.
Plum Brandy – Brandy Distilled from Plum.
Poteen – illegally made Irish whiskey.
Pot still – Pot- Shaped still in which certain spirits are distilled by heat from below.
Premium Brand – Higher priced brand of liquor, aka call brand.
Proof– measure of alcoholic content of distilled spirit.
Pure alcohol – Colourless, tasteless, odorless, 200 proof distilled spirit (U.S.) .
Quetsch– Brandy distilled from plums, made in some central European countries.
Rack– see Arrack
Raki– see Arrack
Rum – Spirit distilled from sugarcane molasses.
Rye – U.S. whiskey made from at least a 51% rye base.
Schnapps – Type of German vodka
Scotch– Whiskey made in Scotland, usually blended.
Silvovitz – see Mirabelle / Quetsch
Straight whiskey – In the united states, an unblended whiskey containing at least 51% of a single grain type, such as corn or rye.
Tennessee Whiskey – A type of bourbon filtered through maple charcoal and made in Tennessee.
Well brand– Brand of liquor used when a customer does not specify a brand or ask for a call or premium brand. Aka house brand or nonpremium brand.
Whiskey, whisky – Spirit distilled from grain.

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